A typical day in Tereglio

Tuesday to Friday
8.30am breakfast on the terrace.
9.30am group warm up with Sarah and Liz
10.30am Masterclass or individual lessons with Liz or Sarah (rotated) or a rehearsal session with piano accompanist – Sally Halsey
12.30 – 1.30pm Lunch
2 – 5pm Options: Study/Scale class with Sarah, Baroque Studies with Liz, Jazz with Rowland or free time.
6 – 7pm Flute ensembles, great arrangements using piccolos, alto and bass flutes. Sponsored by WonderfulWinds
7.30pm supper followed by a variety of evening activities including Jazz sessions and free concerts with the tutors.

Saturday YOUR concert day in Tereglio
Sunday breakfast on the terrace followed by travel home.

Arrival date is Monday and the course starts with lunch. Those wishing to arrive on Sunday, may do so at an additional cost of 30 Euros to cover accommodation and breakfast. There will be a morning warmup for those arriving on Sunday.