Young Artist recital: ‘Flutes in Tuscany 2019’

Monday 15th July 2019
Young Artist recital: ‘Flutes in Tuscany 2019’
Alyse Faith & Sally Birkett
Bach B minor Sonata
Ferroud 3 Pieces for Solo Flute
Begère Captive
Toan-Yan: La Fête du double cinq
Schubert Introduction & Variations on Trockne Blumen

We were treated to a wonderful recital by Alyse Faith, Flutes in Tuscany Young Artist 2019, accompanied by Sally Birkett.
Alyse prepared a really interesting programme, starting with Bach’s monumental B minor Sonata for flute & harpsichord. Stylistic playing of the Andante resonated through the chapel, with well balanced parts. The second movement had a lovely dolce quality and the duo created an intimate atmosphere that drew the audience in. Very much a duo for flute and harpsichord, Alyse and Sally brought out the counterpoint of the Presto marvelously and strong rhythmic flair drew the sonata to a close.
The French composer Ferroud’s 3 pieces for solo flute provided a stark contrast following on from the Bach. These three distinctive pieces were influenced by Asian music as was much French music in the early c20th. Alyse captured the character and sound world of each distinctive piece in her virtuosic rendition. Begère Captive’s pastoral mood came through clearly with well judged tempo and a clear sense of melodic line, played with a beautiful, full tone.
The light & contours of the precious stone, Jade were exemplified with a range of tone colours and snappy rhythms in the 2nd piece. Alyse captured the improvisatory character of Toan-yan,
conveying the Chinese Festival with lively pentatonic melodies and interesting rhythms.
Alyse and Sally’s final piece was Schubert’s Introduction & Variations on Trockne Blumen. Alyse used a range of colours in the theme that created a hush in the chapel. An intelligent interpretation of the ingenuity & variety of Schuberts’s variations demonstrated the technical skill & musicality of her playing, accompanied wonderfully by Sally. After well deserved rapturous applause, we were treated to a musical delight in Elgar’s Chanson de Matin bringing the recital to a thoughtful close.