Flutes in Tuscany 2018

July 11th – 18th 2018 | Guest tutor Wissam Boustany

This year we introduced a course of two halves with a day off in the middle. The course began with a focus on individual lessons and masterclasses with the tutors, Elizabeth, Sarah and Wissam. Improvisation, use of imagination, preparation and breathing were features of the masterclasses and Elizabeth offered a quick tour of renaissance, baroque and classical early flutes.

We had two fantastic concerts early in the course from Wissam Boustany and our first Young Artist, Katie Sazanova. Both performed fabulous programmes – Wissam completely mesmerising and included a powerful delivery of his own composition, ‘Broken Child’ – such a strong, emotional work with poignant accompaniment from Sally Birkett on the keyboard. Katie had also rehearsed with our accompanist before coming out to Tuscany and together they exuded a happy confidence, sparkling with liveliness and brilliance.

On the Sunday, a day off! A large group took the train into nearby Lucca, and a car-full drove out to Florence. The men took a gorge walk and we all came together for a fun evening down on the village green; football, boule, Irish dancing accompanied on a trad. flute by Leonora Lyne and supper in the open air.

The second half of the week was devoted to lessons, masterclasses and performances ready for the final concert. In between rehearsals, we managed a fun evening watching ‘Some Like it Hot’ in Sebastian’s popup cinema where we celebrated Georgina’s 18th birthday and the Tutors gave a concert in the chapel on the penultimate evening.