Flutes in Tuscany 2016

July 11th – 17th 2016 | Guest tutor Carlo Ipata, baroque flautist.

Our first ever ‘Flutes in Tuscany’ in Tereglio! started with ensembles and group sessions. Elizabeth introduced baroque studies and Sarah led the warm ups in the sunshine on the balcony. Individual lessons and masterclasses began on day two. Jacqueline Sorel, Gestalt Therapist, was on hand to offer advice on nerves and how to use them to your advantage, as well as one to one sessions.

Local to Tuscany, baroque flautist Carlo Ipata travelled up from Pisa to provide a day of performances and in-depth discussions on how text and language had shaped much of the baroque music we play and all the flautist were given the opportunity to try a baroque flute.

The tutors concert was a joyful celebration of solo and ensemble music for recorders, flutes, cello, harpsichord and piano with Elizabeth Walker, Jacqueline Sorel, Sarah Murphy, Sally Halsey, Sebastian Comberti and Julian Walker.

The final concert featured all our flautist performing solos and in ensembles. A special feature was one of our youngest flautists providing an Irish dance, accompanied by one of our ensembles and a tutti performance of the Adagio from Mozart’s Flute Concerto arranged by Elizabeth Walker.